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     Of coarse WordPress is the best blogging site I
know of.  Their widgets alone are outstanding,
making every post feel like Christmas.  I do feel
more at home here than anywhere else.

     I have also been blogging my favorite topics
on some other sites as well.  You can find me,
and very possibly yourself on other sites as well
on places such as, HubPages, Facebook, and 
wikiHow to name just a few.  These sites are 
only a few of the essential places to hang your
hat when you are trying to create a strong web

     I am also found on writer’s forums, where I
write about writing.  A few of these include,
the Polka Dot Banner, Writer’s Network, Writer’s
Net, and even Yahoo Groups.  Being a self
published author I have to get the word out on
myself every way that I can.

     I am only just beginning, but getting around
is important.  It feels a lot like traveling, only
there are no crowded airports and elevated
parking fees.  I even get to sleep in my own bed.

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