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I think not only houses, buildings or locations
can be haunted, but individual people as well.
Certainly, a ghost can be attached to a person
just as surely as they can stay in a place. 

Science has provided enough evidence of ghost
activity for me to believe.  I am just curious. 
What do you think?


  1. So far as I believe in ghosts (and I do lean heavily to so believing), I think they can be attached not only to places, but as you suggest, to people, and even to physical objects. One type of ghostly attachment to people, of course, involves poltergeists. Though they’re mostly known for being noisy and disruptive, from what I’ve read, there’s always a specific person at the center of the activity, usually an adolescent. But aside from poltergeists, which certainly aren’t loved ones staying with someone, I’d imagine that yes, a ghost could remain attached to a person, particularly to someone they cared about.

    As I mentioned, attachment to objects is also a possibility. I’ve vaguely encountered references at least to antique dealers, speaking of occasional objects that come into their possession being haunted. I don’t have any details on that, though I have a couple stories involving family members. My great-grandmother, for instance, absolutely loved sewing and did it literally hours and hours a day. Her machine was always in good working order, even when she died. Yet when my grandmother went to use it after her death, she found it wouldn’t work, and even a serviceperson couldn’t account for it. Similarly, my brother once borrowed my aunt’s dead husband’s watch, but once he had it, he found it didn’t work. Not even replacing the battery helped, but once he returned it to my aunt, it started up again just perfectly.

    So yes, I think ghosts could be attached not only to places, but to people and even to objects as well.

    • Holy dead folks. I forgot to answere you back. I am truly sorry. I have finally gotten a few minutes to jump on here and check things out. It has been a long time since I posted anything. I am going to have to get busy. Thank you for commenting. I hope to read your blog.

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