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I have been writing most of my life.  You can
find my work just about anywhere on the
internet and it always covers diverse topics.  I
love life, so finding things to write about comes
easily.  Time was a restriction for a while, but
these days I am assigning a lot more of it to
crafting many more articles, advertorials,
reviews, ad copy, you name it and I’ll most
likely do it.  On some blogs I make good money
writing, and I also do a little ghostwriting.  I
simply love to write.  Getting paid for writing is
afterall the whipped cream with a cherry on top.

I am also a 58-year-old Master Drywaller and
Author of “Drywall Magic”.  I have 51 years
of hands on drywall experience, and love the
work, talk about great exercise.  Yes, it is true,
I have been doing drywall work since I was 7 
years old, working with my father.

I have employed nearly 200 workers on and
off over the years, both male and female.  Each
are quite capable of doing this type of work, as
long as they have the hard-headed stubborn
quality it takes to get the job done right.

I am passionate about perfection.  I have
finished literally hundreds of thousands of
sheetrock panels utilizing the most effective
time saving and quality techniques.

If you do not see what you want to read here
on this blog you may want to check out my
links at the bottom of my blog’s page. 

Carrying Drywall

Just another day at the office.

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