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Milwaukee brand tools have always been a
preference for demanding professionals, they
are famous for durability and quality.  Anyone
who needs to drill a few holes or put in a couple
of screws find this cordless drill indispensable.
The Milwaukee 12 Volt Drill Driver does not
disappoint even for the roughest of tradesmen.
Weighing only 2.5 pounds, the lightweight
advantage of this tool is genuinely practical for
large and small jobs alike.  The lean 7 3/8 inch
length not only fits in those cramped spaces,
but slides right into a tool belt freeing up your
hands for other needed tasks.

With two superior Lithium-Ion batteries and a
thirty minute charger you will continue working
while others are at a virtual standstill.  The
handy battery fuel gauge on the Milwaukee M12
Drill Driver gives remaining run-time at a glance,
eliminating perpetual guesswork.  With this great
cordless drill there is no need to waste valuable
time looking for a light source, it includes a
convenient LED illumination right at your
fingertip pointing exactly where you need it.

Milwaukee has included easy to read torque
clutch settings so your screws should never be
overdriven.  Dual speed settings from 0 to 400,
or 0 to 1500 RPM adds essential versatility to
this amazing little tool.  With 250 LBS of full
torque this drill driver will tackle most jobs with
ease.  The 3/8 inch ratcheting metal chuck locks
snugly onto drill bits for augmented grasp.  Its
all metal gear box will deliver more endurance
overall than most of the competitors.  A handy
onboard bit or tip holder is the only conceivable
feature this little tool requires to reach absolute

I recommend this 12 Volt drill driver as the best
choice for any discriminating professional,
backyard handyman, or woman. 

Copyright 2011, by Glenn Raymond.

Polaris Ranger UTV.

A Sweet Little Tank.

My Polaris Ranger UTV, Utility All Terrain
Vehicle, is a sweet little tank.  I have to say it is
the most versatile and durable tool I own.  As a
4×4 it takes me over the roughest terrain and
through the densest woods on my mountain

Copyright 2011, by Glenn Raymond

So My Wife Will Love Me.

Copyright 2011, by Glenn Raymond

She Will Love Me, She Will Love Me, She Will Love Me.

This red devil has a handy dump bed making
unloading firewood for winter heat extremely
easy.  During summer months heavy mountain
rains wash out the driveway “goat path.”  The
Polaris Ranger gets me down the road and
back with loads of “my own” replacement gravel.
I do have to be able to get my big cruiser out “so
my wife will love me.”

Copyright 2011, by Glenn Raymond.

I Think She Loves Me.

With a winch, the optional 73 inch snowplow
for the Polaris UTV makes keeping up with 
heavy mountain snow storms simple.  Afterall,
my driveway is nearly one-quarter of a mile long.
A neat and clear route for my wife insures me
dinner, so even the dog loves this little beast.

This mean creature has paid for itself many
times over.  This Polaris Ranger UTV is by
far one of the best investments I have ever
made next to my wife, of coarse.


Copyright 2011, by Glenn Raymond.