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Before I continue, let me remind you to check
out the link on the bottom of my main page,
under “pages” for “Cool Things”.

I have a lot of hobbies, one of which is
cooking.  Living at a high altitude, 9500 ft,
can make some recipes challenging.  I am always
looking for new ideas.  Being a Drywaller, I like
high calories!  I love grilling also.  If you have
any suggestions I would love them.

                    My Best Grilled Steak!

Use your favorite cut, mine is a Rib Eye, toss it
on the coals, yes coals, untill it just stops mooing
and smother it with real bleu cheese dressing. 
Now flop it over just long enough to warm up the
dressing.  Of coarse you have to have a stuffed
baked potatoe, fresh salad and chocolate cake
with that.  I usually eat two of everything, so
make sure you cook enough.

You can also tip-toe on over to my Hub Pages
and find my original, famous Bailey Country
Store Recipe for my version of Santa Maria Tri
Tip Seasoning and my Cajun Seasoning also.

Copyright 2011, by Glenn Raymond.


  1. I LOVE your Santa Maria Seasoning but can no longer find it on hubpages. Would you consider sending it to me? Myself and my husband would be very grateful, it’s all we use when BBQing. Thanks!


    • I am sorry about that. We got mad at google. We will be starting our own website soon. Check back here in a few weeks and I will have the link up on my blog page. Thank You!

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